Thursday, July 25, 2019

UPDATE: Our Prayers Have Been Answered

Hi all! We have an important announcement from Serena’s superstar RAs! If you’re an avid follower of this blog you are probably aware of Lila’s recent Ode to South posted early yesterday (24July2019). A year and a half ago the matriarch JAVA* died, leaving the South clan in chaos. The two next highest rankers: KAPU* and TOBA* seemed like they were unsuccessful in following in their mother’s footsteps and rise to the throne. About six months later, previous RAs lost the South communal den and we have not been able to find it for about a year. However, this is no longer the case. We are happy to announce that the ode worked!

Two days ago, superstar RA Lila was on solo obs in South territory when she came across not one, not two, but ten South hyenas all meandering around one particular area on the southern end of the territory, and soon after she also heard cub noises! If ten doesn’t seem like a lot to you, we generally don’t see more than three or four South hyenas in a single obs period, so this was cause for celebration! Curious, Lila decided to explore some previous den sites, but to no avail. Less than two days later, superstar RAs Lila and Jana decided to go den hunting as Lila had had zero luck on the west side of the road when she heard the cub noises. Superstar RA Jana brilliantly suggested checking out the east side of the road. And low and behold, the first den we drove up to was filled to the brim with hyenas!

As you can imagine, we could barely contain our excitement. But, since we didn’t want to scare away the hyenas or startle them at all we spent the next hour or so silently screaming at each other in excitement complete with mini dances and high fives. Ever the professional hyena researchers, we then went on to take approximately 700769754780975433 photos.

We are incredibly excited to introduce you to the future of South Clan!

BLG yawning because it's tiring raising the new generation of South Clan

SNUG doesn't always make it easy for her cubs to nurse

Look at the face!

Almost everyone at the den!

SNUG finally makes it easy for her cub to nurse
Written by: Serena's Superstar RAs
*Full Names: Java (JAVA), Kapuas River (KAPU), Lake Toba (TOBA), Silver Nugget (SNUG), Bellagio (BLG)

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