Saturday, July 31, 2010

Old and New Favorites

Awhile ago I wrote a blog professing my undying love for the immigrant male Rough and Ready but I never got around to posting photos of his lovely spots. So here he is! my handsome hyena boyfriend! (he's the one on the left)Since it took me so long to get these up here I thought I'd throw in the added bonus of my new favorite cub. He started out with the cub name "Jay" and it has taken us months to see him nurse and finally confirm who is mother is. Now that we know he belongs to Hendrix (shoe lineage) we have dubbed him Puma. He has a lovely little black face, much blacker than all the other cubs, and he has the uncanny ability to sneak scraps away from carcasses.
Even though he is one of the lowest ranking hyenas in the clan, he holds his own and won't let anyone steal those scraps from him. Here he is with tuft of wildebeest beard that he carried around all morning the other day.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Mara Mystery Creature

Lately we have been hearing reports of a strange mystery creature roaming the plains near Talek camp. A few days ago I saw this creature for myself and could hardly believe my eyes. This morning I saw it for a second time. There is no mistaking it. We have a genuine mystery creature in our midst. I was able to snap a photo of it as proof:

Okay, so maybe it’s not quite so mysterious. It appears to be, at least mostly, a Thompson’s gazelle. However, there is certainly something strange about it. Its body is shaggier than any other I’ve seen so far, and there’s no mistaking that head. This unique Tommy immediately brings to mind hypertrichosis, or “werewolf syndrome”, in humans, but we’d like to hear what other theories are out there that might explain the strange appearance of this poor Tommy.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

And The Winner Is... Kate!

The voting has closed and congratulations to Kate! After more than two years of blog posts, her timeless classic "Animals Have Brains Too (Part II)" dominated the non-scientific poll of hyena blog followers. With a whopping 49% of the votes, she crushed the competition like a hyena with a bone. Thanks to everyone who voted and helped celebrate the two year anniversary of the blog. Also, a huge "thank you" to Professor Kay Holekamp and all the students in her entourage who have helped share these great stories from Africa.

As proud winner of the poll, Kate has won bragging rights along with a hearty congratulations from all. Live it up Kate and feel free to post a lengthy acceptance speech in the comment field below!

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