Wednesday, July 24, 2019

An Ode To South

Of our three clans
You’re the least we see around
But fret not my friends
We love you more than we let on

We take you for granted
Sure, that’s the truth
You’re lonely and scarce
You former behemoth

What happened?
You were once so prolific, horrific
And now we see only pieces
It’s like you’re tumbling off a precipice

But still we love you, more than we can say
You’re funny and kind
And — what do you say — okay?

Whoever we see
(Should we see any of you at all)
You’re there to please the crowd
Come one, come all

From ROUG**, popping into view
As if to say “I’m here!” when least expected
Who’re only there to sleep and eat and maybe get
Aggressed on to — what are you doing?

What happened?
KAPU**, TOBA**, poised to take over the throne
Only for us to find you thrown,
Cast off to the side and down to the bottom
But you act as if that’s where you belong

Though you’re in chaos
Your territory shines above all others
In beauty and light and prey that abounds
And so though you are scarce
And we pray for your return
We have never stopped loving you
Perhaps more than we let on

**Full Names: Moulin Rouge (ROUG), Honor Harrington (HONR), Palazzo (PALA), Anubis (ANUB), Kapuas River (KAPU), Lake Toba (TOBA), Texas Slim (SLIM)
*Below are some of my favorite South hyenas just doing their best.
PALA taking a nap

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