Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Camera traps in camp are full of surprises!

A few weeks ago, we set up one camera trap in camp to see what kind of animals were visiting us during the night... we were not disappointed! We caught a lot of different animals in only a few weeks, with visitors almost every night. We are very excited to download the images every morning to discover what walked by our tents during the night. Here's a selection of the best photos that we had in the last weeks. Enjoy!

A spotted hyena carrying what may be the rest of a wildebeest calf (?). Unfortunately not one from the clans that we study.

A big male lion, scary!

A big hippo, also very scary!

A group of giraffes that stayed around for a few hours.

Recognize that hyena? It's the same as in the first photo! She likes our camp :)

No comment needed, I just had a good laugh when I saw this one.

A very good looking bushbuck


One of our genet friends, we have a lot of them walking around at night.

A warthog family enjoying a walk in camp during the day

Some zebras posing for the camera


Dik-dik, we also have a lot of them wandering around our tents during the day.

Another bushbuck

Another spotted hyena friend!

A little vervet monkey, very cute!

Guess what this is... yes... it's an elephant!

I hope you also enjoyed discovering what lives with us here in our Talek camp!

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