Friday, October 10, 2008

When I was a kid

Many times I have been informed by the generations ahead of me that things were much cheaper when they were children. I do not wish to argue this point, obviously we can't buy a coke for a nickel anymore. However, a good bargain can be found in Talek, the town near Fisi Camp.

The cost for a haircut last summer in Talek was fifty shillings, which is about seventy-five cents in U.S. currency. The price is now one hundred shillings for a nice, clean cut. This does not include a tip for the konyozi (barber). Despite the increased cost I still think my grandparents would appreciate the affordability!

The first photo shows the first female-owned barbershop in Talek from the outside. The second photo, taken by James, shows Andy in the foreground and visiting student Jon Deroba in the background getting their ears raised. Jon is Ph.D. student in the MSU Fish and Wildlife Department. Despite the fact there are very few fish in the Mara, Jon has proven himself to be very useful.

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