Wednesday, October 29, 2008


When I realized I was not going to be in the states during the election I was quite disappointed. Surprisingly the election in the U.S.A. is a hot topic in Kenya, due to the ancestral connection of one of the presidential candidates to Kenya. Many Kenyans I have spoken with has asked about the elections and has been well-informed. I have heard reports of Kenyans getting up at 5am to watch the presidential debates.

Most of the news I get from friends at home about the elections is how nasty the campaigns have become and how happy people will be when they don't have to see another political commercial. Despite the distance of the Fisi Camp researchers, we have managed to stay acutely interested and informed about the election process. Much to my surprise, my absentee ballot arrived promptly in late September and is now on its way back to the states. Special thanks goes out to the helpful staff of the City Clerk for the city of Lansing.


PT Mollie M. said...

I sent mine in a few weeks ago. Let's hope it works its magic!

Anonymous said...

and thanks to me for updating you? :)

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