Wednesday, March 10, 2021

An Ode to Happy Zebra

Hi all!

After unsuccessfully den hunting in Happy Zebra for the past few weeks, I’ve decided to call in for back-up. Lila, former Serena Superstar RA, was happy to oblige! Back in July 2019, the two of us set out on a mission to find the South communal den – after more than a year without their den. On July 24th, Lila posted this lovely ode about our most elusive clan at the time; and lo and behold we found their den the very next day! Since I've only seen 4 Happy Zebra hyenas so far, I knew it was time for another ode to work its magic:

My old friends, my OGs

Don’t you know how much we love thee?

You’re the first ones I met

And my first loves, you can bet


So many of you gone

And the rest nowhere to be found

The grass is so tall

And you are never around


Where are you friends?

We miss you so

PIKE* and RING are gone

But there are so many we long to know


You have new cubs

Of that I hope

That you haven’t fallen

You’re too strong

Too whole


Please come back

And give us the tea

Let us back in

We just want to see thee


Now it’s been so long

And I am sadly gone,

But the other superstar is here,

Jana’s just waiting for you to reappear!


PIKA and TRIO, a duo to reckon with

Where are you hiding?

Have you gone Timid**?

Speaking of Timid, SPCE how we miss you

You’re forever a favorite, but you knew that didn’t you


So many of you are missing

Waiting to be revived,

Please show us your ways

Uncover your deep disguise!


So HZ, the OGs,

Oh how we miss you,

Jana is waiting,

You just need to come through

-Lila Afifi, former Superstar RA, Serena’s premier wildlife photographer, poet.

*Actual hyena names: PIKE – Pike; RING – Molly Ringwald; PIKA – Pikaia; TRIO – Trilobite; SPCE – MySpace

**Timid was the cub name we originally gave SPCE – these cub names are used to refer to new individuals before we confirm nursing and can officially name them according to their mother’s lineage

Since I don’t have any interesting pictures of our Happy Zebrans at the moment, please enjoy these pictures of sleepy GARF (Garfield) truly living her best life at the North communal den the other night:


AFriedman said...

Thanks for sharing! What is Garfield like, and what lineage do they come from? Son or daughter? Named after the cartoon cat?

Jana Woerner said...

Hi, yes she’s named after the cartoon cat! Her mother is INK whose lineage is comic strips. She’s a first-time mother right now and doing a really good job! Her younger sister, MUTT, also loves to hang out at the communal den and play with the cubs. She’s pictured with GARF in the third picture.

AFriedman said...

Very cool! And congratulations to her on being a mom. What lineage is INK, may I ask?

Jana Woerner said...

INK is actually one of the original hyenas from when we first started doing research in Serena, so she’s the first in her matriline.

AFriedman said...

Oh wow! INK's been around for a long time then. What rank are INK and Garfield?

Jana Woerner said...

They’re on the lower end of our mid rankers!

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