Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Those things can come out of nowhere ... #6

The last post in this series had two pictures, one had two leopards going out of sight (oos) in the bushes and the other had three leopards being watched by a group of tourists. Until that lucky morning I had never seen more than one leopard in a day, so seeing three at once was quite a treat. A few days later we saw a leopard in the same area creeping along a stream, sneaking up on a group of impala. We waited to see if it would pounce, but the impala moved away from the stream before the leopard could get close enough to spring its attack.

Here are a few more pictures of the leopards. A friend was bragging they had better leopard pictures than I did, but they had just one leopard. When seen together it is easy to distinguish the three.

The picture below should be pretty easy, but don't be fooled in the dim light. It might not be what you think!


Dana said...

Nice photos. Look at the difference in the neck size and how long the first ones neck is compared to #2. NO. 2 is beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

I had to click on the photo to see the large version and then it was like one of those puzzles where if you stare long enough you see it. But in this case scrolling up and down revealed the light patch of face. Pretty nice.

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