Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Those things can come out of nowhere ... #5

The last picture in the series was of "the most dangerous snake in Africa" according to the guidebook we have in camp. It is also know as the puff adder. I have been told that this species kills more people than any other type of snake in Africa. I believe one of the reasons is because it usually moves slowly, thus doesn't get out of the way when you are about to step on it. Another reason is that it seems to be quite bold. I saw a huge black-necked spitting cobra yesterday and the only thing on this snakes mind was to get away from our vehicle. Quite a contrast to the puff adder that needed a little prodding just to move one meter off the path.

I was walking down the path to Kay's tent and nearly stepped on this little fellow. My foot was about ten inches away before I saw it. I immediately pulled my foot back and a crisis was averted. After that it was time to get the camera out and try to resist the urge to capture it like Steve Irwin would have. Since I have never actually caught a snake before, this would obviously be a very, very bad one to start with. I had freshwater ecology teacher a few years ago that enjoyed diving after snakes. He actually knew what he was doing, so I think I will leave it to people with a little more experience.

Here is another photo of this magnificent little snake. Yes, magnificent, even though my mother probably thinks the only good snake is a dead snake.

The pictures below are from a fortunate situation that happened on Tuesday. Just another one of the once in a lifetime experiences I have had in Kenya. You may be able to find a hidden animal quickly, but can you tell how many there are?


Anonymous said...

3 leopards...maybe you should change the title of your .jpg's.

Katy said...

I am super crazy jealous.

Dana said...

Anonymous - LOL! I agree, but I can see two leopards in the second photo.

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