Saturday, January 10, 2009

Those things can come out of nowhere ... #4

The last post in this series was a picture of a deadly Boomslang creeping in the tree. Ben was first alerted to this snake by a bird giving an alarm call. We watched the snake for a few minutes and then it seemed to vanish into the tree right before our eyes. The cryptic coloration of the snake is very effective at making it blend into its surroundings. We have seen a few other green snakes around camp in the past few weeks, but have not been able to identify which species they were. We have had very little rain in the past month and most of the area is brown, rather than green. Most trees have managed to hang onto their green leaves, but if we don't get a significant amount or rain soon, the camouflage of snakes may not be so effective. Here are a few more pictures of the Boomslang.

Since I first arrived in Fisi Camp last year, I have been quite vigilant about searching for animals lurking around camp. When walking down the path, I try to look for things like siafu (biting ants), thorns that poke through my imitation crocs, or snakes in the path. For those of you that found the deadly Boomslang snake in the tree in the last hidden animal puzzle, you can see why I have been looking up at the trees and less at the ground lately. I also have a bad habit of walking at night without a flashlight, so that I can let me eyes adjust to take in the magnificent night sky.

A few days ago, I was reminded that I must not forget to watch where my feet are falling on the path. Shouldn't be too hard to find what I almost stepped on, but it may be more difficult to figure out what species it was.

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