Friday, January 23, 2009

New Presidents and Ice Cream and Ninja Turtles

A little over a month ago I posted the first pictures of the new cubs named Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan. The mother is Navajo and her lineage is American Presidents. Soon after I got the first and only pictures, the cubs were moved to the communal den. Unfortunately, the communal den for the Talek West clan has been hidden deep in the bushes. Recently the communal den has moved to a place a little more visible and I was able to finally see Barry and Ronny again.

A few weeks ago we also found the den for the Fig Tree clan. There are three new cubs in this den. Fluffy is the mother of one cub and her lineage is Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream flavors. After looking through the flavor list, I decided to name this one Vermonty Python. Tracy is the mother of the other two cubs at the den. This is her first set of cubs, so I got to choose a new theme for her lineage. For over a year now, Leslie and I have wanted to start a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters lineage. We can't actually use the ninja turtles names, because the Italian artists lineage took care of those names. However, the names for these two cubs are probably the best names in the history of hyenas in my opinion. Here are the first pictures of Master Splinter and The Shredder. Sorry Kay, the names were absolutely too perfect for a hyena not to use them.

One of the favorite hyenas of many hyena researchers past and present has been sitting on a natal den for about 3 weeks now. We know she is hiding cubs inside the den hole. Despite stopping at the den everyday, we have not yet seen the cubs. The mother is named Gucci and her cubs are named after Italian foods. Tortellini and Ravioli have already been used. We arer open to suggestions if any blog readers have a favorite Italian food.


MSU CNS said...

Suggestions from around our office include: Meatball, Gelato and SpaghettiOs.

Anonymous said...

Andy - some more suggestions:

Za (for [pizza)

Leslie said...

WELCOME SHREDDER AND MASTER SPLINTER!!! I cannot wait until you have younger siblings: Krang, Bebop, and Rocksteady.


Mollie T. said...

I can't believe Kay finally went for the Ninja Turtle lineage. What about Casey Jones?

Funder said...

Tiramisu and Gelato!

Liv said...

Another vote for gelato!
Also, panini. :)

Anonymous said...

or Pesto

Katy said...

Great photos Andy!

I like pesto also. Or mostaccioli?
A few others:
And, I can't resist Fusilli, like Fusilli Jerry on Seinfeld :)

Leslie said...

okay, you people are WAY too excited about pasta, and way not excited ENOUGH about the fact that we have a Master Splinter. you may all call him Sensei.

Emily said...

I like stromboli and alfredo. I would say gnocchi as well but I think that would lead to future pronunciation problems.

Anonymous said...

Tiramisu, espresso or calzone.

Kay said...

I gotta agree, guys. SHREDDER AND MASTER SPLINTER are indeed outstanding hyena names.

Leslie said...

Kay, I knew you'd finally come to see the light. :)

Anonymous said...

Can we get a Masters of the Universe lineage started? Or classic Looney Tunes?

Anonymous said...

Those are the BEST pictures yet! I like the one running

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