Tuesday, December 3, 2019

In Memoriam

If you’re reading the title, you know what this is. About a month ago we found three sub-adult male lions sacked out not 30 meters from our South clan communal den. Unsurprisingly, that day most of the cubs were gone from the den, having been moved to a new location to avoid the lions. But not all of the cubs were gone. ECLP* and CROM* with their mother BLG* still hung around with the lions, sleepily watching from their spot. In fact, they hung around for a few days after we saw the lions. But that’s not what this is about.

This is about one cub, one cub that we have been looking for for the past month, to no avail: ZORX*. ZORX from the get go has been one of mine and Jana’s favorite cubs, always playful and mischievous, not to mention the owner of a pair of massive ears. In fact, when we first met the South cubs we nicknamed him Dobby because of those ears.
Now it goes without saying, we try not to play favorites, but it’s so hard when one cub (ZORX) is just too cute to ignore! Just check out this expression as he’s playing with NOBL*, a cub he regularly hung out with.

He also had some of the prettiest spots we’ve ever seen, and he loved to pose for us too!

What a beauty!

But now we haven’t seen him in a month, ever since the lions showed up. His mom has nursed his sibling JOJO* multiple times at the new den, but no sign of ZORX. :(
How can you not love such an adorable sleepy face?

I mean...look at that face! Those ears!

I think his naps were my favorite.
We even went back to the den where the lions were to scope out the situation, and found hairballs at the den to our great dismay. Although we haven’t found a body to confirm ZORX’s disappearance, we know the truth in our hearts.

So curious!


However, one of our cubs at our North clan den, CAKE*, went missing for a month only to show up just over a week ago, so there’s still hope!

We can only hope.

*Full Names: Eclipse (ECLP), California Chrome (CROM), Bellagio (BLG), The Zorax (ZORX), Donna Noble (NOBL), Jojo McDodd (JOJO), Cakehole (CAKE)

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