Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Camera trapping in Talek camp, episode 3.

Hello everyone, I'm sure you've all been wondering what new visitors we had in Talek camp this time. Here is a selection of our best photos from the last weeks. Enjoy!

Baboons are always around and keep on wondering what this weird little camera is.

Dik-diks are also a very common animal in our camp. They love sleeping by our tents and posing for the photos.

Many animals are still intrigued by the camera trap, even big ones!

Even bigger ones!

Animals also really enjoy showing their bottom to the camera, so here's a little compilation of the most beautiful ones... starting with a hippo.

Eland, they also love to step on our rain gauges and break them...



... and elephant!

We have a lot of cute and lovely encounters, like this very pretty female bushbuck.

This baby baboon is enjoying the ride on mama's back.

Banded mongooses are fun, until they start digging under your tent when you're trying to nap...

We have a lot of giraffes coming too, unfortunately their heads never fit in the photo...

A young zebra.

Baby elephant following its mom!

Some of the encounters are a little more scary, like having big elephants traveling in camp during the day.

Sometimes they are even caught making a mess and breaking trees!

Some hyena friends are also paying us a visit.

This hippo came out of the river at 7am...

...and came back home 3 hours later!

Buffalos are probably the animal that we like having the least, so dangerous...

And we also had a leopard visiting us, very exciting!

Hopefully, our night guards are always here doing a good job keeping these animals away.

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AFriedman said...

Banded mongooses are cool! They're hyena cousins, complete with spotted hyena-like synchronized movements. They were the only animal besides the Egyptian vulture that passed Jane Goodall's test of who can open an egg with a stone.

Michigan State University | College of Natural Science