Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Triumphant Return Or Not...

Hi Folks!

I’m Maggie, and I am back in the Mara! I am one of Dr. Kay Holekamp's many grad students. I was in the Mara last year from March through August. That year was one of the rainiest years in quite a while. The rains started in late February and went through March, April, May and into June. Usually the rains go from mid-March to late May.

I arrived in the Mara on Sunday. The Mara was bone dry. It had not rained in weeks. And guess what?!?! Last night we got a whopping 30ml, and then this afternoon we got nearly 40ml!!! We are now stuck in camp. Fingers crossed that this rain stops, and we can get out to see our hyenas!

As I am posting this, it is back to raining... We are probably past 50ml for the night... At least, we have time to catch up sleep and chores around camp!

Michigan State University | College of Natural Science