Saturday, November 24, 2018

Hyena Mock Elections: Talek West Edition

So we all know that hyenas don't go to high school. But what if they DID? For your enjoyment and amusement, I present hyena mock elections. Just like the good old high school days, except with bigger ears and more spots. 

Best All-Around: NANO
Nanometer is just the best. The daughter of the former matriarch, you'd think she would let all that power go to her head but that's simply not the case. Nanometer is a friend to all, perfectly content to just chill in the lugga or go for a nice wildebeest hunt. Yay NANO!

Class Clown: EPIC
When it comes to silliness, Epic takes the crown. Whether it be falling into den holes or tripping over his own feet, you can count on Epic to put a smile on your face. 

Best Eyes: JMBO
Enough said. Look at those beautiful brown eyes!

Best Hair: KESQ
Also self-explanatory, this old man still has some fly style!

Best Bromance: PITU and YUNI
Being that they're actual brothers, Pitumarca and Uyuni certainly have this category on lock! They can always be found together, and who knows? Maybe they'll even disperse together!

Biggest Drama King: MENO
Anemone can always be counted on to stir up trouble, just look at the menace in his eyes!

Most Likely to Stay in the Clan Forever: ZITI
Most male hyenas disperse from their natal clan at around age three, but not this guy! Eight years old and still going strong in Talek West, Ziti is here to stay!

Most Likely to Take Over the World: MGTA
You can just see the determination in Magenta's eyes, she is ready to take on the world. It may start in the Mara but who knows where she'll end. Be prepared.

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day: PCES
There is no one better at turning a frown upside down than Pisces. The second her adorable face shows up on the scene your day instantly becomes a winner.

Best Spots: HRTZ
And last but not least, the coveted Best Spots award goes to Hertz! Hertz can't be missed with that lovely loop on his side, and his spots are never muddled or dirty. Congratulations to Hertz!!

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