Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Power Struggle Continues

If you read the blog regularly, you know that a couple months ago BUAR, our Talek West matriarch, was declared dead. Since then we’ve been watching the hyenas as they figure out who the new matriarch is, which has involved a lot of injuries for our Talek West females.

As I previously mentioned, the most likely candidate for new matriarch would be one of BUAR’s daughters. The line of ascension should naturally fall to BUAR’s youngest daughter of age, NANO. However, the other females won’t let NANO take over so easily. NANO’s older sisters might also want to become matriarch, and it’s also possible that someone not even related to BUAR might make their play.

We’ve seen a lot of evidence of the power struggle going on in the weeks since BUAR’s passing, mostly in the form of wounds. The females will decide the new matriarch by fighting it out, and we’ve seen many physical results from those battles. KNOT, a BUAR kid, has been limping on one of her back legs almost every time we’ve seen her lately, possibly indicating she’s been going for the crown. DECM, KNOT’s older sister and a popular contender for the throne, has also had her fair share of damage. At times we’ve seen DECM not even putting weight on one of her legs. Even middle ranking members of the clan, like MAA and MGTA have battle scars. MAA is totally missing the top half of her ear now, and MGTA has a new ear slit that comes in very handy when IDing her. Whether they’re supporting someone for matriarch or trying to ascend themselves we aren’t sure, but hopefully we’ll see who the victor is soon.
KNOT, the future matriarch?
Will it be KNOT or DECM, continuing the dynasty of their mother?
DECM, our new queen?
Or will a new queen rule the clan, like MAA or MGTA?
MAA, the dark horse
Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Interesting! Why should the line of ascension naturally fall to BUAR’s youngest daughter of age, NANO and not her older sisters? And have you observed instances when the throne has two or more queens?

Unknown said...


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