Thursday, September 28, 2017

War, What is it Good For?

Saw my first clan war on the 17th of September! When we arrived at the scene, it looked like the hyena version of a World War I battlefield. Both Main Doc and KCM were out in force with at least 35 individuals on each side, with a 150-200m "no mans land" almost always separating the two forces.

 Main Doc clan contingent.

Part of KCM clan contingent

I was surprised at how ritulized the fighting was between the clans. Before every charge, each side out huddle up and social sniff and great each other as though to psych each other up and reaffirm their social bonds. Once they felt sufficiently bolstered they would charge en mass toward the other clan, who would run away far enough for a new "no man's land" to be established. Then the other side would begin their counterattack. 

Main Doc (top photo) and KCM (bottom photo) stalking en mass before the charge.

 Example of the back and forth nature of the battle. Main Doc is on the left and KCM is on the right. Note the "no man's land in between".

Adonis (KCM clan) literally drooling from excitement during the fight.

So who won? Honestly we don't know, both sides looked evenly matched, any ground one clan would gain would be immediately lost in the other's counter charge. Though it would break down into a confusing melee occasionally, there was almost no blood shed, and most injuries seemed to have been from tripping or twisting while running around.

Major melee during the war.

Initially it looked like a draw as both sides slowly dispersed due to boredom.However after about 10 minutes, KCM then returned to border and made a final push, soundly routing the five Main Doc hyenas left, and capturing Maji Fisi (a water hole). Though they frolicked in the watering hole in victory, one has to ask the philosophical question, if one comes back to a fight after both sides leave out of boredom, is it truly a victory?

KCM leaving the fight.

Psych! Counterattack! Sorta...

KCM clan playing in Maji Fisi.

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JaimeT said...

Is Maji Fisi the border between the two new clans and does the Main DOC clan use the eastern part of the territory now?

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