Thursday, May 11, 2017

Interspecies encounters

As we’ve seen in a lot of recent posts, hyenas don’t just keep to themselves. They’re quite bold and playful and often involve themselves in other animals’ business (even when they're not hunting or fighting with lions). See:

Python eating a hyena (poor guy!):

BSTI & ABAT playing with turtles:

Hyenas & Wild Dogs:

Hyenas & Elephants:

Some of the animals I’ve seen hyenas interacting with include honey badgers, hippos, topi, zebra, giraffe, and kori bustards.
Hyenas "playing" with honey badgers.

Very poor quality video of the honey badgers.

A subadult hyena learns that topi can be quite dangerous.

TRNI wondering what this strange large bird is (Kori Bustard).

Two subadults wondering if zebras make good friends (they don't). 

Hyenas harassing a hippo (generally too big and strong to kill).

A giraffe interrupts GEL's cognition trial. 

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