Monday, October 12, 2015

Fast Times at Meatloaf Den

Sometimes, things in Fisi Camp can feel pretty routine. We go to the dens for observation, and we see the same general group of hyenas hanging out at the den. For the most part, the dens will stay in the same spot for long periods of time, so we’ll spend most of our time in one small part of the territory.

Occasionally, though, the dens move. Sometimes when this happens, we find new cubs, and even new moms! This is what happened recently in Happy Zebra territory. The majority of the hyenas in this clan have been spending most of their time at the same den since before I arrived in January. Last week, the den became vacant. Finally, an excuse to explore!

Only a few days went by before we were lucky enough to find the new den, all the way on the other side of the territory near the border that the Happy Zebra clan shares with the North clan. When we arrived, the den was hopping. We found all of the cubs that we already knew about, most of their mothers, several of their sub-adult siblings and even some nervous immigrant males. Welcome to Meatloaf Den!

Rocky Horror, the preferred hangout near Meatloaf Den.
Photo by: Erin Person

And, with the new den came the best surprise of all: New cubs and a brand new mom! Sawtooth, one of the matriarch's older sisters, just had a new litter of two cubs. Her lineage is imaginary lands, so let me introduce you to Ember and Sparks:

Photo by: Erin Person


Muon, our youngest adult female in the Happy Zebra clan just had her first litter! Since Muon has never had cubs before, we had the pleasure of picking a lineage for her, and we settled on Queen songs. Welcome to the world, Killer Queen!

Killer Queen

With new cubs, a new mom, and a new part of the territory to hang out in, it looks like the Happy Zebra clan will be exciting once again!

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