Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Postflood Day 8: Resume obs!

Today, we did a camp-wide trash, or “taka taka,” pickup. Doing so greatly lifted our spirits – it was very depressing to pass trees with peanut butter jars caught in the branches or to see a bush filled with muddy playing cards.

A spice jar in a tree
Nkoitiko and Sasine with a wheelbarrow full of trash
That evening, we were finally able to go on obs again!  We were so happy to be able to see our hyenas, and to check that they had all survived the flood. One of our dens was situated right next to the river (Riverbend D), and we were worried about how the cubs would have survived. However, everyone came through the flood just fine, and the den scene was hopping!

We need your help! To donate to our flood relief efforts and our "wetting" registry, please visit: 

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