Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How to sack out like a hyena: a photo essay

Cock-a-doodle-doo sacked out on top of Recluse
Booty napping against his mom, Boomerang
Eremet waiting impatiently for her kids
to come and nurse
Savvy being used as a pillow by
Booty and Smaug 
Pug has always had intriguing ways
of sacking out - such as nursing upside-down...
...or simply deciding to nap on his back
Recluse sacked out on top of his littermate,
Daddy Longlegs
A Happy Zebra "cuddle puddle" of six cubs!
So cute and so curious :)
Even adult hyenas love cuddle puddles -
there are at least seven hyenas asleep in this culvert!
Subadults tend to look like flat little balls of fluff
when they sack out
Trunks engaged in her beauty sleep one afternoon
Santa Cruz all curled up in a ball
Boomerang snoozing after a giant meal
Skittles napping on her back...
...only 30m from lions!

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Laurena Jenkins Hoffmeyer said...

Love these photos and enjoy following the hyena research project. Congrats to Kay for her recent award. I'll be back in the Mara in October again and hope to see my fellow Spartans as well as watch the hyenas.

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