Monday, November 10, 2014

Serena’s New Moms…and a buffalo

A hefty congratulations is in order to October / September mothers:

Happy Zebra Clan
Log Cabin
Lineage: Seinfeld characters
Meet: Soup Nazi 
DOB: Oct 3

Lineage: Card games
Meet: Rat Slap and Old Maid
DOB: Sep 4

Lineage: Spiders
Meet: Recluse and Long Leg
DOB: Oct 8

South Clan
* Palazzo
Lineage: Dr. Seuss
Meet: Lorax and Thneids
DOB: Sep 23

* Rastapopulaos
Lineage: Hair Styles
Meet Bouffant and Pony
DOB: Sep 23

KOMO: Spaceships
Meet: 2x not yet named
 DOB: Sep18

Lineage: Dr Who Characters
 Meet: 1 not yet named (top nursing mother)
 DOB: unkown

Lineage: Racehorses
Meet: 2 suspected cubs (the two cubs in the the hole)
DOB: unkown

The following girls have not nursed their young in front of us, but they have been hanging around natal dens. We suspect they have given birth recently. We have some names we might use already:

Lineage: Dragons
Puff and Smaug

* Terodactyl
Lineage: Whales
Norwal and Orca

It is arguably one of the most exciting camp chores to age and name new cubs. A lineage consists of all the cubs born from a particular mother. Lineages are somewhat difficult to name as one wants a lineage in which is broad enough for many names to be invented down the road but not broad enough that it is difficult to understand who belongs to whose lineage. Those delineated with * are lineages Molly and myself had the privilege to name as they are first time mothers.

If you have any name suggestions for babies "not yet named" we are open to them! Please comment below your favorite Dr. Who Characters and Race Horses.

Also! Randomness. As I wrote this blog, this little buffalo charged us in camp:

                           "Why are you so bloody?"

                                 Photo by Molly


JWTurner said...

Dr. Who:
River Song
Capt. Jack Harkness

Race horses:
Man O' War
War Admiral
Hard Tack

Have fun guys! I love seeing all the new little ones.

EmilyThomas said...


Thank you so much for all the Serena new mom news! The fact that RAST and PALA have babies makes me feel really old.

How are their older cubs doing? DETH, FYRE, BSCT, etc. all the crazy happy zebra and north babies!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Doctor Who names I'd suggest 'Ace', as the only companion to charge a Dalek with a baseball bat I think she deserves a hyena.

Seeing Log Cabin there- is Waffles still in charge of Happy Zebra?

Lily J-U said...

Yay Tero's lineage is awesome! I approve!!!! As are the others but for some reason the idea of a little orca just sounds super awesome.

So exciting to hear about the new moms!! Crazy!!

Zoe said...

I don't watch Dr. Who, but I have some race horses: Sea Biscuit (because I share his birthday). Funny Cide. Cigar.

dee said...

What a fun post! Thanks.
For race horses, Smarty Jones and Zenyatta!

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