Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Waffles has babies!

Waffles, the matriarch of North clan, has recently shown us her two new cubs; the greatly anticipated Mrs. Butterworth and Aunt Jemima or Mrs. B and Aunt J for short. (Waffles' lineage is "syrups").

We're hoping they're girls not just so that they'll match their names but also because we want Waffles' to maintain her place as alpha. With her coalition partner Peepers dead and Eleanor only mid-ranking Waffles' has only her daughter LogC to support her reign. Sherman, the second highest ranking adult female  has a daughter and two granddaughters (still subadults) to back her up. Recently we've seen some worrying behaviors; when LogC or Waffles has been interacting (individually) with both Sherman and Hooker we've seen them acting submissively. However when Waffles or LogC interacts with Sherman or Hooker one-on-one their ranks still hold. Sherman is a tough hyena who could definitely be making moves for the alpha position.

We love Waffles because she is so benevolent and friendly to the low-rankers but we need to see her asserting herself more if she wants to maintain her rank! Also of note: Waffles' is sharing her natal den with the second lowest ranking adult female hyena LCS (so named for her ear damage, a left "c" slit). Even though Waffles has risen in rank while LCS remains low ranking they are still best buds.


dee said...

Great news! Thanks, for the photo and the information. I'm entering Serena data so I read about Waffles and crew all the time. It's great to see picts of them.

Katy said...

Exciting! I came up with that lineage forever ago, but I didn't know it actually exists! Cheers to Waffles!

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