Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rained In, Game On

Hello people!  The start of the short rains out here in the Mara have given me the time to finally contribute some material to this blog.  In all honesty, I've certainly had the time to do this sooner, so lets just say that the short rains have brought on a new level of boredom that has allowed me to expand upon -what some may call- my routine out here.

The month of October consisted of a healthy amount of rain.  There were quite a few times where we couldn't go out due to the rain, but nothing like this.  I think in the last 3 days, we've gone out for a total of 45 minutes.  I never thought I would get bored of sleeping in, but it has happened.  So what have we been doing to pass the time?  Lots of reading, and I know Dave and Julia have been doing work on their own research, but I think that I speak on behalf of the group here when I say that the climax of the days events is when we put aside all personal endeavors and break out the game of games - Settlers of Catan.   Its a board game consisting of building roads and cities, trading resources, and teaming up against the person who is winning (aka Dave).  They told me it was addicting when they taught me how to play... and they were right.  Even now, as I'm sitting here writing this blog, I'm praying that Dave and Julia put aside their real people work for an hour and so that I can get my fix.

Its all made worse by the fact that I haven't even won a game yet.  Hopefully that changes soon, or the month of November is going to be overcast in more than one way.

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