Saturday, June 9, 2012

Meet the new girl.

Our newest research assistant is Jenna Parker, who first came to Kenya with our 2009 BEAM class. As I did many years ago, Jenna has clearly fallen in love with the Mara and our hyenas. She returned to the project during the summer of 2011 as an IRES student, where she did a project identifying lions individually by their whisker spots. And now she's here for the year, taking over for Eli Strauss when he heads home at the end of June. It is not clear whether Jenna will be contributing to this blog during the coming year, but she has her own blog on which she reports on events here in Kenya, so if you're interested in reading those posts, they can be found at
Here's Jenna babysitting an immobilized hyena en route to our "recovery bush."


Lisette said...

Please ask Jenna to copy her blog posts to MSU's blog as well. Her posts are great - and they complement the entertaining backlog of posts already on this site and help create a history of the project for those of us following you!

dee said...

I second that request!

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