Sunday, December 21, 2008

What's big, grey, and has two huge horns?

Yesterday, I was having a miserable time finding hyenas - no matter where I looked, they just weren't there! I was frustrated and ready to call it an evening. All of a sudden, I came face to face (well, with 100 meters between us) with something that definitely made up for my bad night...

Last I heard, there were fewer than 10 black rhinos here in the Western Mara. Divide that by the Mara Triangle's 197 square miles...well, you do the math. They're also very shy, spending most of their time in the bushes. You really only see a rhino if you know exactly where it's been hanging out, or if you're unbelievably lucky.

It was one of those rare "right place, right time" moments.

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Katy said...

How exciting! I was also lucky like you, seeing black rhinos for the first time in the Mara this past summer. Now I finally believe they do, in fact, live there! Pretty neat, huh?

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