Monday, December 22, 2008

Those things can come out of nowhere ... Puzzle #2

For those of you that posted comments on the first picture in the series, there were three elephants in the first picture. There was a little one hiding in the bushes. In this group there were probably 8-10 elephants that were sneaking in and out of the bushes. I hope you can visualize a minute before I snapped this picture, when the huge elephant with the tusks was completely hidden in the bushes!

Here is the next picture.

Hint: Things are often hidden in the bushes, but sometimes things are hidden in Plainview.


Funder said...

Oh squeeeee baby ungulates are so cute!

Katy said...

Oh, thank god there were only 3 elephants in that first picture. That was all I saw and after others guessed so many I drove myself crazy trying to see more! Whew!

fred said...

I see a little Tommie!

Anonymous said...


Dana said...

Two - the baby looks really, really newborn.

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