Thursday, January 14, 2016

Who am I? Match the tracks with the correct animal.

Fisi camp needs your help!
Someone has been sneaking around camp waking 
everyone out  of their slumber.

We need to track them down. Luckily they have left their tracks behind.
Can you guess which tracks belong to who and track down the thief?
The evidence we have gathered is as follows:
1. Quiet and sneaky.
2. Makes an eerie howling sound.
3. Lives in the bushes and is most active at night.
4. Seems to love Bacon, Butternut squash and Potatoes.

Please help Fisi camp out.
Its up to you!

Who does these tracks belong to...

Fugitive number 1. 


The Dik Dik or the Thomson's Gazelle

Fugitive number 2.

Is it a Hippo, Elephant, or a Giraffe

Fugitive number 3.

Is it the Genet...
 or the Bush Baby

Fugitive number 4.

And Last but not least, 

Are these Wild dogs, Lion, Hyena or our pet local, feral dog, Crazy's tracks?

Cast your votes in a comment and find out the answer soon.

1 comment:

CorvusMeeki said...

1- Dikdik
3- Genet
4- The stray dog

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