Thursday, July 9, 2015

Postflood Days 9 & 10: Darting challenges

On these two days, we took a break from camp rebuilding to resume the important task of darting hyenas. We drove out to the Double Crossing area and met up with Kay’s alumna Steph and her children. We were lucky to finally get a good darting on the second morning, which allowed us to collect much-needed blood samples and body measurements for our database.

Kay & I taking blood and saliva samples from the hyena
Photo by Steph Dloniak
An adult female spotted hyena as measured by a five-year old
Photo by Steph Dloniak
Beautiful bone-crushing teeth of a young adult female
Photo by Steph Dloniak
After our morning darting, we went to a nearby camp and did a hyena talk, teaching the guests about hyena biology and Mara ecology.

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