Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Final Countdown

Recently I was visiting the cho (hole in the ground toilet), when I felt a squirming in my sandal. After leaning down and plucking what I thought was a beetle, I realized I had found a rather huge ant with massive mandibles (pincers.) To think it found me when I was most vulnerable. Ah, it’s the little things I’ll miss about Fisi camp!
Luckily it was only one ant that crawled across my foot and not a whole mess of these guys.
So this began my spiral into nostalgia, especially when I also began writing...dare I say last blog entry.

After flinging many used tissues into the trash and brushing away countless tears I decided to just post some pictures. Below are some of the memories that showcase my one year experience with all the Fisi and Fisi friends alike:

Pondering the mysteries of car problems with Benson and Wilson.

Teamwork camp maintenance. 

Helping out on a research project (milk trials for Sarah Jones and Eli Strauss.) Even if there were failed attempts...

For example, when Bonnet kicked her cub (our target individual, who's hiding in the den in this picture) off the milk pile. 

Or when a slender-tailed mongoose distracted the cubs from the milk pile and then jumped in when they left to eat the rest.

Other memories include...

Counting tour cars from the roof of the car twice a month.

Some of us are better at counting than others...

Spotting the spots up in the tree snacking on a kill.

Spotting the spots on the ground, slinking around the Mara plains.

Setting out Agathe's box experiment and crossing our fingers as we waited for the learning to commence.

Jumping, kicking, running around the soccer field.

Transcribing carcass sessions (especially when the hyenas drag the meat into a lugga!)

Holding my breath when Parcheesi was trapped in her natal den, surrounded by a group of eight lions.

Seeing my first and only black rhino in the Mara.

Surprising baby jackals in their den.

Interspecies stare-downs.

Or even watching the sunset with Snaggletooth and her cub Otto.

In conclusion,
Thanks to all for a great year!


Ignacious Gman said...

Chase! Say it aint so! Im going to miss all the stories of your antics in the mara! But Good luck mate.

Ignacious Gman said...
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