Monday, June 1, 2015

Serena's New Cubs!

It has been a few months since we last posted about Serena's new cubs. So without further
ado, welcome the following little black cublets into the world!

Happy Zebra Clan Communal Den:
Lance and Morningstar add to the matriarch, Pike's, line of royal cubs "Medieval Weapons". They are really aggressive, which they've earned as the matriarch's children! They were born around February 4th, 2015th.



Amanita and Nightshade were born around January 31st , 2015. Their mother is Silk, a low ranking female, whose lineage is "Toxins". We have not seen them in a few weeks and suspect, sadly, that they might have passed.



Ojibway had two cubs around February 27th, 2015. Her babes are named after "Atomic Particles". Squark and Wino are really brave little dudes!

Ojibway (back), Squark (middle) and Wino (front)
Photo taken by Heidi Rogers

Just recently we found a collared low ranking female at the communal den with a little munchkin by the name of "Rummy" who is named after card games.   We have not yet calculated Rummy's date of birth, but at the time of this photo we estimate it's age to be under a month old.

Cosby and Rummy
Photo taken by Eli Strauss

North communities Communal Den:

Ink's just had 3 cubs of the lineage "Comic Strips". Welcome Farside, Nonsequittor and Tintin! Unfortunately, we only expect two of these cubs to survive. They were born around March 10 th, 2015. Even more unfortunate, we have not been able to visit North's communal den as it is located in the middle of a swamp and we've had a lot of rain.

You can see Farside or Nonsequitter or Tintin (we do not who is who yet) in a video on Molly's blog: html

South Clan Communal Den:

Nerd and Dork may not be the sexiest animals, but they sure have brains! They have joined Cheese Whiz's family of the lineage "Slang for Smart People". Nerd and Dork were born around March 15th, 2015.


Photos taken by Eli Strauss

Bellagio had one cub recently who is as wrinkly as they come. Her children are named after "Race horses". So, welcome Pharlap! We have not yet calculated Pharlap's birthday, but he is younger than his den brothers Dork and Nerd.

Photo taken by Eli Strauss

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