Monday, March 2, 2015

Baking with Friends

Like hyenas, Fisi camp researchers often eat together.
Fisi Thanksgiving: Heidi, Steven, Samwell, and Benson get busy eating.

Fisi Thanksgiving: Agathe points out the American delicacies while Wilson looks unconvinced.

However, we differ dramatically in the acquisition of food.

Whilst hyenas tend to run down prey...

El Paso, an immigrant male, takes off running with some parts of a ribcage. Not pictured are the angry females chasing after him.
...bring them down with their powerful jaws,

and eat them tartare...

Borana digs in her feast with pleasure.

...we buy our food at the local market or Nakumatt (see Matt’s blog post),

use a stove to cook the vegetable and animal flesh...

Breakfast time!
This is where the magic happens.

...and even serve ourselves using forks, spoons, and plates. 

“How civilized!” You may say.

Egg in toast, with some avocado, fried tomatoes, and a little pepper sprinkled on top. 
Well, let me tell you, we even bake things.

Joseph, our amazing chef and friend, cooks at least two loaves of bread a day.

Joseph in his element.
The loaves in their element.

In addition, he also makes a variety of other baked goods that...

Joseph rolls
...take a researcher’s mind off the hardships of the field...

Delicious quiche! (So much wonderful cheese.) 

...and places her/him delicately into a sophisticated cafe somewhere with refrigeration and tasty pastries.

Agathe, our doctorate-wielding, lion-taming, French-speaking researcher...

Agathe shares the batter bowl with young Semein, Joseph's daughter.

...graces our plates and bellies with a fine chocolate cake and exquisite crepes.

Elijah, Joseph's son, also appreciates Fisi camp baking.

Ashlei Tinsley, our current RA of the week and future veterinarian...

Ashlei chomping on a tasty treat!
...prefers to bake crunchy granola for a morning obs snack.

Granola time.

Occasionally I will produce banana bread for researchers...

Once combined, these bowls create the most powerful banana bread the world has ever seen.

Huzzah! Agathe uses her expert slicing skills to cut the bread.

...and mechanics alike!

After Kalu helped fix our car we gave him a reward of banana bread. He was quite thankful. 

Even Matt, our newest, tallest, and top Volleyball spiker

does his part to contribute to the baking scene.

Hopefully, no one gets salmonella from the raw eggs...

All in all, sometimes it’s good to take a break from research and settle down with a nice slice of heaven (chocolate cake, muffin, banana bread, handful of granola, or leftover bowl of batter) and think about all the wonderful friends and hyenas you’ve met along the way.

Cyberman, looking adorable (and healthy) whilst observing the car.

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