Friday, March 13, 2015

A Day in Talek Camp

Research conducted in the field is often more chaotic then research controlled within a laboratory. With the uncertainty and variety within the field it is reassuring to have a routine.  Though there is great fluctuation in our routine, many activities are a daily staple in Talek Camp.  Below is a schedule of how are days usually go in Talek camp:

We are up before the sun for morning observations and leave camp around 5:30 AM.

Benson, Tracy and Wilson observing a carcass session during morning observation.

Occasionally we dart hyenas during morning observations.  Benson is contemplating whether or not to dart WLOW.

Ashlei and Benson collecting blood samples from MEKO.
If we dart a hyena, we prepare blood samples to be sent back to MSU.

Sometimes instead of blood, we collect poop samples.

We often run to T-Town aka Talek Town to run errands for camp.  Chase is buying some groceries from Bel-Mara.

Around 10:00 to 10:30 AM is finally breakfast time.  Joseph, Samwell, and Chief always make a delicious meal.

After breakfast we usually do various camp related task or occasionally we enjoy some free time to relax until evening observation.

Chase and Benson are reorganizing the identification books.

Sometimes we do our own laundry.

Volleyball is my means of exercise and recreation in Talek camp.

But usually transcriptions.
And Transcriptions...


Evening observations begins at 5:00 PM. 

Evening observations last until after the sun goes down, and we usually return to camp a little after 8:00 PM.
Evening obs is followed up by another delicious meal from the guys, and when dinner is finished we all head straight to bed.  This is how everyday usually goes in Talek camp, but working in the field we are always prepared for the occasional change to the routine.  As far as what Serena camp does each day, it is even a mystery to us a Talek camp...  Our fellow Serena RA, Heidi, plans to take us all on a ride along for a day in Serena camp in a future blog.  Have a great and safe Friday the 13th (knocking on some wood), and don't walk under any ladders.


Jane Farr said...

Great post!! I enjoyed experiencing A Day in Talek Camp. (Beautiful sunrise and sunset, too!)

Cibermom said...

Thanks for the day-in-our-life post! It's fun to have a team experience from afar. Haha! Get it? 😍 A.K.

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