Friday, October 10, 2014

Sauer kills a lilac-breasted roller!

Yesterday we saw Sauer, an adult female, kill a lilac-breasted roller!  Once dead, this bird was a popular item among the hyenas.  Two cubs, Aunt Jemima and Gobekli, were curious and followed Sauer around trying to get a taste.  Gobekli got hold of the roller first, but once he had it he decided he didn’t actually like bird.  Typical, right?  Aunt Jemima, only a year old, finally got to chew on it after everyone else abandoned it.

Sauer kills a lilac-breasted roller!

Aunt Jemima comes to investigate the roller.

Sauer (ears back) avoids with food.
Gobekli finally gets hold of the roller!

Aunt Jemima chases Gobekli for control of the yummy-looking snack.

Gobekli actually tries the roller and does not enjoy his bite.


Meg said...

Oh my gosh! So weird but so cool!

dee said...

What was the roller doing that made it easy for SAUR to catch? Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing!

Nora said...

Whoa! Great shots, Tracy!

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