Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Hyena-ween everyone! As a special holiday edition of the blog, we decided to show off a selection of our bloodiest, goriest, most halloween-y photos! Luckily, hyenas seem to celebrate halloween all year round, and there were plenty to choose from. Enjoy!

Moonpie, licking her lips
Photo by Kenna
Photo by Phoebe
Photo by Hadley
Photo by Phoebe
Photo by Lily

Sean and CHIP's skull
Photo by Kenna

Cub after a run-in with a lion
Photo by Phoebe

Photo by Kenna

Photo by Phoebe
Photo by Dave

Photo by Ashlei
And, for those of you who made it through all of these photos and still want more halloween gore, enjoy this video of two cubs and a few moms in our Serena South clan feeding on a (still alive) baby wildebeest!
Commentary by Maggie and Sarah

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dee said...

Hum "Circle of Life" as you look at these photos.

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