Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cub cuteness

Okay, you've earned it. Here's a completely frivolous post that has nothing to do with the harsh realities of natural selection. Enjoy our latest crop of kiddos.


Katy said...

That has to be a Fig Tree den! Who's kids are photo #1? Good lookin'! Not goofy cuties like Moonpie's.

Pyro said...

Man, I love frivolouse cute pics. Hyena cubs are such fluffy, confused looking things.
You'd never imagine them killing eachother.

Pyro said...

A thought just came to me.
You could help raise funding for the research by selling poster/prints of some of these cuties. The pile of hyaenas pic at the top might work :3

Keep up the great work.

Michigan State University | College of Natural Science