Friday, June 12, 2009

The North Side Story

In a land where Elf (the dominant female) is queen and clashes with lions are the norm, we bring you a clan. Located between the beautiful Oz Valley and the famous Mara River, this is where the drama unfolds. Known to many as “fisi,” we just call them “North.”

This is the North Side Story.

Cast of (cub) Characters -- From Oldest to Youngest

'SAGRADA' - A big cub with a huge heart, trying not to step on any higher-ranking cubs’ paws.

'KREST' - Easily distinguished with his light coloration, always up for a good chase.

'HOOKER' - A bit of an airhead, often aloof as to what is happening.

'TSUNAMI' - A brave cub who is developing a taste for adventure.

'AVALANCHE' - The lower ranking member of the natural disaster lineage, with the ear damage to prove it.

'TYRANNOSAURUS REX' - Known by many as “bear face,” her muttonchops can be seen for miles.

'50 CENT' - Recognized by his signature “monkey ears” and quizzical look.

'JIU-JITSU' - The dominant cub of the martial arts lineage who enjoys the benefits of his higher rank by napping all day.

'MUAY THAI' - The submissive cub of the martial arts lineage who follows suit by also napping all day.

'EDWARD TEACH' - Confined by his small frame and scraggly appearance, the quintessential underdog.

'PARTHENON' - A punky youngster trying to make her way in a cub eat cub world.

Episode 1: “Precocious Parthenon”

It was a lazy morning like any other day at the North clan’s den off of the runway. Arriving at just past 8AM, most cubs were sleeping-- however this would not last for long. At precisely 8:22, Parthenon emerged from the den. And with her, came a new attitude to the group. It became quickly known by all cubs present that their lazy morning would not last much longer.

Starting with a harmless sniff of the sleeping Edward Teach’s back, things quickly got out of control. No one seemed to be giving Parthenon the time of day and she was not having any of this. Fed-up with being ignored by the whole gang, she knew something had to be done.

Parthenon approached and bit Avalanche, and it started-- setting off an avalanche if you will. Avalanche counter-attacked by biting and shaking Parthenon, followed by chasing her around the den. His point was made.

Trying to rally more towards her cause, Parthenon approached a sleeping Jiu-Jitsu and bit him as well. Un-phased and not looking for problems, Jiu-Jitsu backed away from the troublemaker and fell back asleep. It’s hard being a cub he thought.

Sick of Parthenon’s antics, Tsunami reached to give her a good biting. However, she juked him and Tsunami’s mouth made contact with Avalanche. Taking a second swing he finally got a hold of Parthenon. She had learned her lesson.

After backing away from the scene, Parthenon seemed to be contemplating her part in this crazy world. She knew this was not going to be the last these lazy cubs had seen of her.


Dana-Phoenix, Arizona said...

Thanks David for the wonderful photos and cub profiles. I have to admit I am in ‘love’ with Edward Teach. You show us from “Oldest to Youngest”; does this mean they are ranked this way in the clan? What is the approximate age of Edward Teach and the others? Do you have any photos of Elf (although there might be one somewhere on this blog)? You mention that the North Side clan is located between the Oz Valley and the Mara River, where exactly is that? I guess I really have never noticed how different the ears are on some of the Hyena’s – I will in the future :>)

adw said...

Hi David,

Thanks for the North clan update. It's great to hear how the cubs are doing and see how they've changed since March when I left. Your little personality profiles are right on! Krest, Hooker.... all of them, are just how I remember them. I was especially happy to see Tsunami is still a daring little guy. I confess to having a slight hyena crush on him.

Are you going to do updates for any of the other clans? You should!

Audrey (former fisicamper)

David said...

From a fellow Phoenician, I'm glad you're enjoying the photos. In terms of rank, the cubs will actually inherit whatever rank their mother has in the clan. That means that when Elf decides to have new cubs, they will be the most dominant of the whole gang (even if they are 2 years younger than the cubs profiled in the North Side Story). The birthdays of the cubs in this clan range from March 9th, 2009 for Parthenon, and September 26th of last year for Sagrada (the new man in your life, Edward Teach, is about 6 months old with a birthday of December 10th, 2008). Broadly, this clan is located in the Masai Mara Game Reserve in southern Kenya, more specifically, it is in the Transmara Triangle within the Mara Conservancy.

David said...

Hey Audrey,

It's great to finally e-meet you, considering I've been staying in your camp and following the hyenas that you and Kate named for the past 2 months.

As for following other clans on the blog, Jeff and I (the other fellow in Serena) think it may be more fun/interesting to follow a single clan more closely. This way people can get to know the cubs and watch them grow up.

Feel free to email us if you want a more in depth look at the other clans because we're always happy to talk about them.

I hope all is well!


Dana said...

David - From Phoenix huh? Cool! I'm going back to the Mara this September (staying at Kichwa Tembo) and would love to come over to see you all and learn more about your research In our travels we'll be popping over to see Brian and Asuka from the Conservancy also so we can make a day of it.

David said...

Hey Dana, that sounds great. Feel free to email me at when it gets closer to your trip. We'd love to show you around the clans and give you a "behind the scenes" tour of the North Side Story. If we're lucky, you may even be able to get Edward Teach's autograph.

Dana said...

David - Will get in touch closer to our arrival on 10 September. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

Katy said...

David-Great entry! This is exactly what I've been asking all the fisi bloggers for. I think it's great for everyone to get to know the individual hyenas we all love so much! I've been meaning to post some profiles of some of the Westies.

Hope all is going well! Miss you guys :)

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