Thursday, June 4, 2009

Meet the new guys

Although we will all miss Kate's wonderful blog entries, we can now look forward to blog entries by our two new students, David Green and Jeff Smith (shown here watching Joey Verge check a camera trap at a striped hyena den in Shompole). Both Jeff & Dave joined the project in April, and Kate trained them before she left. They will be monitoring the spotted hyena clans on the western side of the Masai Mara.

In addition, Joey Verge (shown here atop our Landcruiser, listening for a lost striped hyena), who you may recall has been working on striped hyenas in Shompole, Kenya for the past several months, will be moving to the Mara later in June to work on spotted hyenas. Thus you can expect to see posts on this blog from all three of these guys in the coming months.


Anonymous said...

Can you post some pictures from the trap? What do you use as bait? And while I am inquiring, are Andy and Leslie still blogging?

Dana said...

Welcome to Joey, Jeff and David - Looking forward to your posts.

Kay Holekamp said...

I'll post some camera trap pictures in my next blog entry. To attract striped hyenas (and just about every other animal you can imagine!) to the camera traps, we dip pipe cleaners into scents that are commercially available at places like Cabelas (eg., animals love Triple X scent!) and wrap the pipe cleaners around a wooden stick that gets hammered into the ground near the camera.

Yes, Leslie will be back next week, and Andy will be back in the field in early January. Right now he's in Michigan doing some lab work.

Anonymous said...

Any pictures or comments from the undergraduate students?

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