Thursday, July 10, 2008

Welcoming the wildebeest!

As we celebrate the launch of our new blog, we are also welcoming hundreds of thousands of wildebeest to the Masai Mara! We (as well as all the hungry carnivores here) have been eagerly awaiting the "Great Migration" for months, and it has finally arrived! Over the next few weeks, up to one million wildebeest will cross the border from Tanzania and eat their way through miles and miles of tall grass here in the Mara.

We were lucky enough to witness one of the first river crossings that these wildebeest encounter on their epic journey. It was completely amazing...thousands of wildebeest were just standing over a gorge, waiting for one brave herd member to decide to cross. Once the first individual descended down the steep bank, chaos ensued as all the wildebeest flooded into the tiny crossing and flung themselves into the river. This herd was lucky enough to escape the hungry crocodiles waiting in the water, and they all emerged safely from the gorge.

Now the plains are bursting with prey, and our hyenas are all fat and happy! More updates to come as the amazing migration continues to move across the Mara...



laurasams said...

I remember watching the mara look like someone had sprinkled pepper on it from a distance -- except that the pepper in the distance became huge when it got closer. Enjoy the good gnus.

Carrie said...

I like your new blog and hope you continue to share what you're doing. As a high school biology teacher, I can see sharing this blog with my students. I have used hyenas in the past to teach about misconceptions we have about some kinds of wildlife, so I love that your focus is hyenas! The pictures are great too. Thanks!

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