Sunday, July 13, 2008

BBC comes to Kenya

It’s been a rather hectic few days here at camp, because BBC has been here filming our hyenas (as well as us!) for a short documentary. It’s been really interesting to work with the film crew – I had no idea that so much time and energy goes into a 4-minute TV segment! There were two producers, a cameraman, an audio guy, and a driver, along with a LOT of impressive camera and sound equipment. They taped several hours of footage of us darting a hyena, working at camp, and conducting our hyena “intelligence tests.” I don’t think the crew was prepared for all the logistical difficulties of working out here in the field, as their grand plans were repeatedly challenged by bad weather, rough terrain, and rather unpredictable hyena behavior!

However, in the end they got some great footage, and it will be fun to see our hyenas star on TV. The segment will air in early October during a special live episode of Big Cat Diaries. If you have access to BBC, be sure to watch!

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