Friday, July 20, 2018

The Queen is Dead, Long Live the Queen

We have some sad news to share from Talek Fisi Camp. On July 14th we discovered that BUAR (Buenos Aires), the Talek West matriarch, has passed away. She was one of our collared females and during morning observations, her collar was heard giving off the specific signal that is emitted when the hyena dies. Her collar was eventually retrieved without sign of a body, but it seems pretty clear that BUAR will not be coming back.
BUAR in her prime
Eight and a half years old, BUAR likely did not die of old age but for the past few months we have noticed some odd behavior from her. She stopped nursing her second youngest cub SLUG, who thankfully was able to find nourishment from his sister JOUL, and the last time we saw her youngest cub LUME, the cub was not looking to be in the best health. We aren’t certain, but this may be an indication that BUAR’s health was starting to fail.     
JOUL, one possible contender
NANO, the rightful heir
Now that BUAR is gone, Talek West will need a new matriarch. The line of succession technically falls to her youngest adult daughter, NANO, but we highly doubt that things will be so clear cut. BUAR left behind older daughters that may not be so keen to let the throne fall to their younger sister. Likely individuals for the new matriarch include DECM, JOUL, and KNOT, but it’s also possible that the new matriarch won’t be a daughter of BUAR’s at all. We’ll be watching very closely over the next few months to see the power struggles that emerge between those vying to come out on top.

BUAR left behind eight living offspring, all with the “unit of measurement” theme. She was a strong matriarch, and she will be greatly missed.   


Mari said...

Rest in Peace Buar.
How long can the clan be without a matriarch? When will the new "Queen" be determined?

Allie Richardson said...

It can be months before they figure out who will lead! During this time we will likely see a lot of wounds on females as they work it out and hoping in a few months time we will have a new matriarch!

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