Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Talek's Newest Member

Hello fellow fisi fanatics! I’m Emily, the newest RA for for Talek camp and I’m stoked to announce that I’ve successfully made it through my first month in the field! I started with the project my freshman year of college volunteering as a research assistant for then PhD candidate Dave Green doing secondary carnivore analysis. Starting my sophomore year I was supervised by PhD candidate Zach Laubach studying maternal care behaviors in our two populations of hyenas. Like many of the other RA’s, I went on BEAM and fell in love with the Mara and was determined to return as soon as possible. Seventeen days after graduation I hopped on a plane and did just that!
 This first month in the field has blown me away. I’ve seen a cheetah take down a full grown male impala right in front of the car, gained a healthy respect (and more fear) for elephants and buffalo, witnessed my first hyena death, learned how to drive in a literal wall of water, and begun to love and learn the quicks of the hyenas that I’ve read about in the notes for 4 years. I cannot wait to see what this year holds in store for me (and our hyenas) and am beyond blessed to get to spend it in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. 

Until next time, kwaheri!

Meet PITU (aka Mouse) - my favorite hyena. My love for him almost rivals my love for my cat (but not quite). 

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