Tuesday, March 27, 2018


I am Maggie, one of the new grad students in the field. I am in my third year of graduate school and have come to the field to collect some of the data I need. I arrived in Kenya in early March with Connie and Allie, and unfortunately, we seem to have brought the rains with us! It has been a rainy month, which has kept us in camp. This has given me time to ease my way back into camp life and (of course!) be stressed about my research. 

I was a Serena RA (research assistant) a few years ago, so much of camp life and the research is quite familiar. My ABSOLUTE favorite part about being back is seeing the hyenas I knew when I was here last time. Many of the cubs are now grown up with their own cubs!!!! 

Here are a few of my youngsters from last time that I have seen again!!! I can't wait to get out and see more of them!
Born (short for Borneo) was a recently graduated cub when I left. Now he is huge and is working on dispersing!

Snug (short for Silver Nugget) was a little black cub when I left. Now look at her!

Onekama was a young immigrant male with gorgeous spots. Look at those spots! 
Now look at him! Those spots are fading...

Seeing my old friends has been wonderful! I can't wait to see more of them in the coming weeks!!!!!!

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