Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Sounds of a Clan War

Listen up!
Clan wars are disputes over territory boundaries, typically characterized by two “fronts” charging at one another. There can also be aggressions between clan members and a lot of vocalizations like whooping and giggling. When we come upon a clan war we record whenever one “front” approaches the other, and record which hyenas were leading the charge. We also note which other hyenas are present, but not getting too involved in the action.
So far, I have seen two clan wars between our Main Doc and KCM hyenas over an area containing a water source known as Maji Fisi. After the first clan war, it seemed like the border between the clans stayed about the same, but after this second clan war we have continued to see the KCM hyenas pushing into Main Doc territory. For now, it seems like Main Doc isnt quite ready to give up Maji Fisi, but maybe with another clan war our KCM hyenas will be able to claim Maji Fisi as their own!

Check out this video of our Main Doc and KCM hyenas intermingling during the September clan war- Volume up!

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