Thursday, July 21, 2016

My last adventures in Kenya

I am sad to say my time in the Mara has come to an end. I have learned so much and have created a big family here. I wish I could stay here forever with my hyena friends, but it is time to continue my journey and to explore this country in its fullest.

I am planning a 4 week journey from the tip top of Kenya all the way to the bottom.
This past year I have only been immersed within the Maasai culture and people, but there are 51 other cultures that make up Kenya as a whole. Kenya is not just one large piece of land with wild animals roaming around. It is most certainly not the "barren African terrain" we think of when we watch documentaries on the native people who live in Africa.

Kenya is a unique and flourishing country with many resources similar to larger countries. It has large cities, comparable to places like Los Angeles and Chicago. Kenya is home to the famous Rift Valley; it has many national wildlife parks, famous lakes and many other tourist attractions. I have found some of these tourist oases throughout the country and hope to find new adventures at ever destination. I will begin my journey in the largest city in Kenya - Nairobi.

I have not planned out any specific destination in any particular order, because I want to make this trip as fluid as possible. I want this trip to be surprising and spontaneous. I do want to visit all of the major cities and branch to surrounding towns. The only way to finding the best local restaurants and local social events is by ear and safely exploring the local towns.

The City of Mombasa
On the coast of Kenya, this is the second largest city in Kenya per capita. I have only been to the coast once with my colleagues. We we took a mini vacation to Diani Beach which is not too far from the big city Mombasa.

I have been told the people on the coast are very happy to meet tourists and are awesome people to talk to. #coastvibes.

Kisumu City
Kisumu is the Land of Dholuo people. They are known for fishing and making amazing fish dishes for affordable prices. This is where Lake Victoria is located, one of the largest lakes in Kenya.

Home to Lake Naivasha, the lake sits at the highest elevation in the rift valley. Lake Naivasha has may different types of wildlife to view, but its most famous to see pink flamingos here.

In the center of Kenya, it is extremely hot and home to Samburu National Park where you will find many of the same types of animals you would find in the Maasai Mara.

Located directly on the equator, it also have many tour camps and is still one of the only places you can see Wild-African Dogs and both the White and Black Rhinos. One of my friends visited this place and referred me to go. This is a must see.

I have plenty to keep me busy for my trip. I hope to learn something new about Kenya so that when I do go home I can share it with everyone I know.

The MSU Hyena project has created so many awesome opportunities for many students and I am grateful to have been apart of such a great group. To my cohort of RAs I will miss you all and this would not have been the same without you! I know you all are going off and pursuing other extraordinary things in your lives and I know you all are going to excel in all you do. Keep it up Fisi Team. Nakupenda pia pia. Until we meet again, tuonane baadaye.

Asanta sana Kenya for giving me the trip of a lifetime.

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