Monday, April 25, 2016

SOUNDS OF KENYA: Hyena Play, Whoops, and Aggressions

Out here in the Mara, much of our time is spent (you guessed it!) watching hyenas. But while we are watching hyenas, we are also listening to them, and sometimes they make some very interesting noises.

For your listening pleasure, I give you young cubs in South clan playing and running through tall grass:

This next track is a tiny cub in Happy Zebra territory named Mandrake making a long-distance call termed a "whoop":

Now, Mandrake did try really very hard to whoop, but he hasn't quite learned to do it properly. Here is a sample of an adult male named Bodinayakanur (Bodi, for short) whooping properly in South territory:

Hyenas reinforce their linear hierarchy with aggressions and submissions, and these displays can often get rather noisy. In the following track, listen to Boffin, Mirage, and Pixie (3 young cubs) giggle as they aggress on a much bigger and older (but lower-ranking) adult female named Palazzo, who squeals and growls in response to their aggressions:

Hope you enjoyed listening in on the life of a hyena! Be on the lookout for more Sounds of Kenya posts if you want to hear more hyena audio!

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