Friday, May 22, 2015

Hyena physical abnormalities

One of the fun parts about darting hyenas is getting to be up close and personal with them.  Actually having to lift their unconscious bodies gives me a whole new sense of how large of a predator the hyena is, and getting to touch the fur of one of the animals I have spent a whole year observing is a wonderful thing.

Hyenas are all unique in their darting experience.  Some drool more than others, some snore (adorably), and some decide that the best time to fart is when you are kneeling next to them taking their body measurements.  And just like humans, hyena bodies are also all distinctive.  Here are some of the more interesting physical abnormalities I’ve seen this year.

Molly Ringwald is missing a toe on her front left foot.
Clovis has an extra (nonfunctional) nipple.
Marten has an extra tooth behind her lower left PM3.

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