Friday, January 9, 2015

Pond Romping

One morning whilst watching hyenas consume a half-dead wildebeest, Kenna and I heard a cacophony of hyena giggles coming from a distance.  Curious as we are, (and also for the research of course) we began our search for the mysterious gigglers, trundling along in our trusty cruiser. Suddenly, using our spotted-hyena-spotting eyes we saw movement in a large pond located in Pond Lugga (aptly named.) Continuing our pursuit, we happened upon a group of playful hyenas. The following video consists of what we saw. (The music is simply a bonus.)



dee said...

Absolutely wonderful!!

Lily J-U said...

Where is this pond? Talek side?

EmilyThomas said...

I loved watching Hyenas playing in the water! Always soooo cute!

kay said...

From the depths of dark grant-writing land, let me just say THANK YOU! Man, I needed that!

Chase O'Neil said...

@Lily J-U: This is the Pond in Pond Lugga on the Talek side.

Glad to see that the hyenas brightened everyone's day! The video doesn't do them justice, it was adorable.

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