Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Stripey Snack!

We had a very big morning the other day.  We had plans to go check on a sick hyena in Happy Zebra territory.  On the way there, we were waylaid by our Serena North clan.  It almost seemed like they killed this zebra right on the road to keep us from getting to Happy Zebra on time.  Maybe they wanted a little more attention and were feeling lonely for their local hyena researchers.  Whatever the reason, their plan worked.  We stuck around and watched them feeding until everyone was fat and happy.

Wailing Wall is the smaller subadult with beautiful spots and Katana (a son of Happy Zebra's alpha female, who immigrated to Serena North when he was old enough) is the big fat guy that walks off with a leg to save for later.

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Lily J-U said...

Wawa!!!!!!! Glad to see he's looking so good. I never got to see him with all his spots in, he DOES have beautiful spots. He was literally the most adorable little black cub I ever saw while I was out there. You could tell him apart from the other cubs when none of them had spots just by how cute his face was.

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