Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Fisi Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving steadily approaching the researchers here at Fisi camp have begun to think about their favorite holiday meals. Turkey was sure to be number one on the list for everyone (well everyone except for me that is being I am the only vegetarian here in camp). Followed by turkey came sweet potatoes, stuffing, and mac&cheese. Mouths watering we quickly wrote down the list of items we would need for each delicious recipe. 

It seemed however that they hyenas decided to start their thanksgiving early. For Tilt and Decimeter a  strong wildebeest stood in the place of a turkey.
 Decimeter enjoying a nice and hearty meal.

While Tilt and Decimeter seem to lack a bit of table manners Im sure their meal was scrumptious none the less!

Decimeter decided to have some holiday spirit and share her delicious meal with her fellow Talek West clan member Tilt.

Thanksgiving is sure to be a time filled with food, fun, and laughs. We here at Fisi camp hope your Thanksgiving will be memorable and enjoyable.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Judy S. Blackstock said...

Enjoy your posts so much. A very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone there!

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